Brian Atwood Balleto Sandals

Beyond Bedazzled Platforms

Brian Atwood Balleto Sandals
I am definitely not a wallflower when it comes to bling, especially shoes that have bling. Ask anyone who knows me. BUT, these Brian Atwood Balleto Sandals even had me going “Lady” Gaga over them. First off, they have acrylic heels (LOVE this trend), and are encrusted with crystals. As if that isn’t enough to feed your crystal lust, there is bling on the the ankle-straps and over the toe. I mean this baby is bedazzled!!! The see-through clear shoe reminds me of a pair of Chanel clear pumps I purchased about 2 years ago when the clear trend first started. Of course, that makes them all the more appealing to me ;). I admit that these are love or hate shoes…there is no in-between. Metsy thinks there is too much “stripper” in these stripper heels, but if I had a cool $2000 that I had earned stripping, they would already be walking the streets!

Available at Net-a-Porter ($2085)

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