Miss America collection by OPI

Crown Me Already by OPI

Miss Universe 2011 collection by OPI

I’ve always had this secret – let’s call it a “feeling” – that I am a queen who was unjustly dethroned and will one day be crowned again. I even have a collection of tiaras, training size to Miss America, in my closet to attest to this fact. You can then imagine my delight that upon my latest trip to the nail salon, I discovered the 2011 Miss Universe collection of nail polish by OPI. OPI, and Nicole by OPI, are my favorite nail polish brands, and they never disappoint.

This particular collection is unsurpassed in shine and wow-factor. The one I decided on is a divine clear polish containing silver glitter & flecks of silver foil “confetti.” When applied over a coat of the solid bright silver color called “Dazzle,” the effect creates a look like Minx nails but without the high price tag. The color is called – get ready – “Crown Me Already!” I not only loved the fact of the name containing the word “crown”, as the mere mention of the word makes me tingle, but that the lady it was named for is apparently impatient to be crowned. I can relate. ;) Just from the title alone, it seemed we were destined to be united, just as I am destined to one day be reunited with my throne. *Sigh* Until then, I will console myself with having the coolest nails in the kingdom.

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4 thoughts on “Crown Me Already by OPI

    1. metsyc Post author

      We’re always on the hunt for the best glitter polish. Though I may still splurge on silver Minx once in a while. ;)


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