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About Us

Bling is our passion. BFFs for several years, we share a mutual love of all things bling. Entrepreneurs at heart, we have embarked on a journey to start bling-based businesses. While we continue to pursue those dreams (and can’t wait to have product to showcase!), we continue the search for the latest bling options available in today’s world of fashion and style.

Whether its glittering jewelry, crystal-encrusted shoes, or blinding baubles for the home, bling is now a part of today’s fashion landscape. On, we bring you our bling opinions.

Bling is broken into 3 categories of light refraction (ooh shiny!):

  • Training Bling – Also called Baby Bling. New to the world of bling? Not sure how much sparkle you are comfortable with? Then this is the level for you.
  • Everyday Bling – The “ba-da-boom” for your next outfit, this is medium-level or everyday bling. Ba-da-Bling is for the person who is comfortable being noticed… and possibly blinding those close to you.
  • Bling Queen – Behold, wearers of bling, you have reached the mothership! Warning: May be mistaken for royalty. May require an armed escort.

Bling can be found for all budgets. Looking for the most bling for your buck?
View our gallery of Bling on a Budget.

Metsy and Shannon
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shannon and metsy