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Behold, wearers of bling, you have reached the mothership! Warning: May be mistaken for royalty. May be asked to serve as a disco ball for the Oscars after-party. May require an armed escort.

Virgins, Saints, & Angels Tribal Pendant Necklace Closeup

Stacking Necklaces with Virgins, Saints, & Angels

On a recent trip to the fab Swag jewelry store in NorthPark Center, we happened upon the heavenly Tribal Crystal Milagro Pendant ($295) & Tribal Bicone Necklace ($317) by Virgins, Saints, & Angels. These necklaces are amazing on their own, but they are a real show-stopper when stacked together.

Virgins, Saints, & Angels Tribal Pendant Necklace Closeup

The delicate strands of black diamond crystals on the Tribal Bicone Necklace provide a lovely backdrop for the large Tribal Crystal Milagro Pendant. Not only is the large scale of the black diamond crystal pendant impressive, but we were mesmerized by the unusual cushion cut of the center stone and the blessed Vatican coins that dangle from the bottom of the pendant. I am envisioning wearing these beautiful, hand-crafted pieces with–everything!

The beauty of these objets d’envy is they are special enough to accompany a cocktail dress, or you can wear them every day for a chic sense of spirituality. Purchase these two dazzlers as-is, or customize your own piece with choice of medallions, finish, crystal colors, and more. Contact owner Lisa Alfieri at the Dallas location of Swag 214-691-0123. Pieces are also available online at

Virgins, Saints, & Angels Tribal Pendant Necklace at SWAG

Gianmarco Lorenzi Disco Ball shoes

Gianmarco Lorenzi: Disco Ball Pumps

Are you into bling like I am (and who isn’t, really?) and want to be about 6 inches taller (who wouldn’t like that, except maybe Serena Williams, who does wear glam high heels)… then take a look at this showstopper pump by Gianmarco Lorenzi. I first spotted this designer on a trip to Vegas this past spring and was delighted to add another blingy shoe designer to my growing list of favorites, including the ubiquitous Christian Louboutin, Massimo Dogana, and ZiGiny.

Gianmarco Lorenzi Disco Ball shoes

Gianmarco Lorenzi Disco Ball crystal-covered limited edition shoes

This pair – appropriately named “Disco Ball” – is a work of art and only 178 have been made. These shoes are completely covered in crystals, not rhinestones, from the toe to the bling-encrusted heel. In person, the crystals appear to be applied in an ombré effect with golden crystals beginning at the toe, mixing with clear crystals along the instep, and then blending into clear crystals at the heel. The other standout feature (do we need another one? Yes!) is the metallic gold trim around the entire bottom of the shoe, including the double platform which is also covered in small clear and golden crystals. No blingy detail was overlooked.

Khloe Kardashian Odom wore these shoes on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno back in May, and Mary J. Blige wore them to the 2011 Billboard awards. For $2795, you too can own a pair of these limited edition beauties to strut around in. Contact Gregory’s in NorthPark Center at 972-490-1285 to pick up pair 172 (out of 178 produced). They are also available online.

Did you know that Blingazon is now a guest blogger for Savvy Texas Magazine online? Twice a month, we post about amazing bling on The Buzz.

Vintage Martini vintage pink dress with crystals

Vintage Bling Still Shines Bright

The kind gentlemen who own the Vintage Martini boutique in downtown Carrollton, TX allowed me to preview new inventory before it made its way to the store. Whether you are in search of clothes, jewelry, shoes, hats or handbags, they have wide array of amazing vintage items. Don’t worry… I only bought one necklace, so there’s plenty of goodies waiting on you.

Vintage Martini vintage pink dress with crystals

Vintage pink dress with crystals at Vintage Martini

Take a look at this insanely cool Chado Ralph Rucci jacket over a pink and orange beaded vintage gown. The jacket still has the original Neiman Marcus tag for $18K.

Chado Ralph Rucci jacket

Chado Ralph Rucci jacket originally sold for $18K

Luckily for my wallet, these Jimmy Choo crystal sandals were not my size. *sigh*

Jimmy Choo crystal sandals

Jimmy Choo crystal sandals

I wish my coffee table looked like this… covered in jewels from Kenneth Jay Lane, Givenchy, Stephen Dweck and more. Naturally, I spent most of my time around this table. I have been in search of a bold gold necklace and found a beautiful, hammered, 80s-inspired one. Love it!

Table of jewelry at Vintage Martini
My new gold necklace from Vintage Martini
Vintage Martini ring

I have a huge noggin’ and tons of hair, so I am rarely able to wear hats. That doesn’t stop me from looking and dreaming though. I have never seen so many stunning feathered and embellished hats in one place! I tried to convince Elissa from @DressCourage to buy a Christian Dior hat covered in fiery feathers of orange and red. (Still working on her)

Feathered and embellished hats at Vintage Martini

I can’t believe it’s taken so long for me to get into vintage shopping. I had so much fun! If you are in the Dallas area, take some time to see for yourself. Follow Vintage Martini on Twitter at @VintageMartini1.

Tom Binns Slap Dask Swarovski necklace

Tom Binns Hand-Painted Neon-Yellow Swarovski Necklace

Tom Binns Slap Dash Swarovski crystal bib necklace

Tom Binns Slap Dash Swarovski crystal bib necklace available at Net-a-Porter ($1900)

Have you been searching for a different way to get into the neon trend? Well, I have. I love the idea of neon colors, but most neon accessories just do not work well with my wardrobe. Besides, after 16 years in corporate America, I can’t bring myself to buy a neon handbag or to flaunt glow-in-the-daytime nail polish.

I have followed Tom Binns for several years now, and I adore his crystal necklaces and earrings. The Slap Dash necklace is a fantastic example of his fun, irreverent, edgy take on the not-so-original crystal bib necklace. I think he’s done neon hand-painted necklaces before, but I really like this particular piece. Now if I had $2K to buy it.

I’m considering DIYing my own affordable version. What do you think?

BCBG Rhinestone Knot necklace

Bling Abounds at BCBG

BCBG Rhinestone Knot necklace

BCBG Rhinestone Knot necklace $168 (Sold out online, may still be available in stores)

My secret to stand-out style is statement jewelry pieces. I have two uniforms — a knit top and jeans or an LBD — and both rely on a few well-placed conversation-starter pieces. “Statement” pieces are nothing new of course, but I just can’t get enough of them.

When accessorizing with statement jewelry, I suggest choosing one focus for each jewelry zone.

  • Tiara Town (head and neck): If I wear a large necklace, then the earrings will be small and not matchy-matchy. If I wear large shoulder-duster earrings, then I forgo the necklace altogether. Note: If you actually wear a tiara in public (rare but I have), then you might as well wear the whole she-bang. Why not? :)
  • Jewelry Joints (fingers and wrist): If I wear large rings or multiple rings, I keep it simple on the wrist or forgo bracelets entirely. If I am stacking bracelets for an arm party, I will choose just one ring on that hand.

There are many statement jewelry options these days, and some of my favorites are at BCBG. With a gift certificate lingering in my wallet since Christmas, I recently took a trip to the BCBG store in NorthPark Center mall in Dallas, TX. I showed more restraint that I would have liked, but not as much as I should have… I came home with both the Rhinestone Knot necklace and the Fringe Collar necklace. Here are some of the blingy lovelies we visited at BCBG.

BCBG Fringe Collar necklace

BCBG Fringe Collar necklace $88 (Sold out online, may still be available in stores)

BCBG Three-Finger ring

BCBG Three-Finger ring (Sold out online, may still be available in stores)

BCBG crystal knuckle-ring clutch

BCBG crystal knuckle-ring clutch $118 (Sold out online, may still be available in stores)

BCBG insider notes: All jewelry sales are final. Good to remember before taking the plunge. Also, if you see a piece that is sold out online, check the site periodically or call the stores. It takes some time and research, but I have tracked down some sold out pieces by being persistent.

Miss America collection by OPI

Crown Me Already by OPI

Miss Universe 2011 collection by OPI

I’ve always had this secret – let’s call it a “feeling” – that I am a queen who was unjustly dethroned and will one day be crowned again. I even have a collection of tiaras, training size to Miss America, in my closet to attest to this fact. You can then imagine my delight that upon my latest trip to the nail salon, I discovered the 2011 Miss Universe collection of nail polish by OPI. OPI, and Nicole by OPI, are my favorite nail polish brands, and they never disappoint.

This particular collection is unsurpassed in shine and wow-factor. The one I decided on is a divine clear polish containing silver glitter & flecks of silver foil “confetti.” When applied over a coat of the solid bright silver color called “Dazzle,” the effect creates a look like Minx nails but without the high price tag. The color is called – get ready – “Crown Me Already!” I not only loved the fact of the name containing the word “crown”, as the mere mention of the word makes me tingle, but that the lady it was named for is apparently impatient to be crowned. I can relate. ;) Just from the title alone, it seemed we were destined to be united, just as I am destined to one day be reunited with my throne. *Sigh* Until then, I will console myself with having the coolest nails in the kingdom.

Adia Kibur Clear Transformers necklace

Transformers Necklace by Adia Kibur

Adia Kibur Clear Transformers necklace

After over a year of searching, I found this Transformers statement necklace by Adia Kibur from several seasons ago. It’s made of pieces of lucite connected with metal plates and screws covered in crystals. Last time I checked the site, the necklace was already sold out on RichxRuse, but you could contact them to see if they are going to get some more in. They are super helpful ladies!

It’s the perfect blend of geek and chic… I LOVE it! What do you think? Is it too big? too blingy? Is that even possible? :)

After I was unsuccessful finding this piece myself, I turned to Twitter for assistance, and the Twitterverse came to the rescue. Head over to My Brain on Shuffle for the story.


Bling Abounds at YSL

Many people go to Las Vegas to gamble. Not so for the bling twins! During a recent girls’ trip to Vegas, we spent time exploring the amazing hotels and the shops… oh the shops. Here are some shots from a fantastically fun time at the YSL boutique. I am in love with the YSL Arty ring collection ($250 each). Anyone want to send me the gold with black/gold stone Arty ring? Bueller? Bueller?






Swarovski Moonshine Ring


Behold the Moonshine ring from Swarovski. After visiting this dreamy ring for over a year online, we stumbled upon it in person at the Las Vegas Swarovski boutique. They only had two in store — one that fit me and one that fit Shannon — so naturally, we both took the plunge on this massive bling ring. (Available online or in select Swarovski boutiques for $290)