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BCBG Rhinestone Knot necklace

Bling Abounds at BCBG

BCBG Rhinestone Knot necklace

BCBG Rhinestone Knot necklace $168 (Sold out online, may still be available in stores)

My secret to stand-out style is statement jewelry pieces. I have two uniforms — a knit top and jeans or an LBD — and both rely on a few well-placed conversation-starter pieces. “Statement” pieces are nothing new of course, but I just can’t get enough of them.

When accessorizing with statement jewelry, I suggest choosing one focus for each jewelry zone.

  • Tiara Town (head and neck): If I wear a large necklace, then the earrings will be small and not matchy-matchy. If I wear large shoulder-duster earrings, then I forgo the necklace altogether. Note: If you actually wear a tiara in public (rare but I have), then you might as well wear the whole she-bang. Why not? :)
  • Jewelry Joints (fingers and wrist): If I wear large rings or multiple rings, I keep it simple on the wrist or forgo bracelets entirely. If I am stacking bracelets for an arm party, I will choose just one ring on that hand.

There are many statement jewelry options these days, and some of my favorites are at BCBG. With a gift certificate lingering in my wallet since Christmas, I recently took a trip to the BCBG store in NorthPark Center mall in Dallas, TX. I showed more restraint that I would have liked, but not as much as I should have… I came home with both the Rhinestone Knot necklace and the Fringe Collar necklace. Here are some of the blingy lovelies we visited at BCBG.

BCBG Fringe Collar necklace

BCBG Fringe Collar necklace $88 (Sold out online, may still be available in stores)

BCBG Three-Finger ring

BCBG Three-Finger ring (Sold out online, may still be available in stores)

BCBG crystal knuckle-ring clutch

BCBG crystal knuckle-ring clutch $118 (Sold out online, may still be available in stores)

BCBG insider notes: All jewelry sales are final. Good to remember before taking the plunge. Also, if you see a piece that is sold out online, check the site periodically or call the stores. It takes some time and research, but I have tracked down some sold out pieces by being persistent.

Stein-Mart Pendant Necklace

My Not-So-Secret Discount Jewelry Place

For trendy jewelry, I prefer not to spend a small fortune. We all know that Target has great, inexpensive jewelry lines, and here in Dallas, we also have Sam Moon for cheaper jewelry. But it’s good to have an out-of-the-way discount treasure trove that no one knows about. I’m about to share one … Once a month, I go to Lewisville to get my hair done (30 minute drive and totally worth it), and I always go to the Stein Mart on Main Street in Lewisville. For some reason, this particular location has 4 times as much jewelry as other locations, so I usually find a lil something for me or Shannon or one of the Glossy Posse girls.

This last trip, I found lots of pieces with a lady-like retro vibe which would be fun for the Mad Men trend this Fall. All of the pieces below are under $30 each. They are a lil too prim and proper for me, but maybe I should branch out? Which piece do you like?

Stein-Mart Pendant NecklaceStein-Mart NecklaceStein-Mart Ring

Stein-Mart Bracelet

Mawi Red Teardrop Skull Earrings

Can Skulls Be Dainty? Mawi Red Teardrop Skull Earrings

Mawi Red Teardrop Skull EarringsThe Red Teardrop Skull earrings by Mawi are a fab way for a rocker-chic fashionista to work in this Fall’s ladylike jewelry trend. At first glance, these are pretty classic earrings featuring pearls, CZs and crystals… but then up close… boom!… you see small silver skulls at the top of the red crystal drops.

In the picture, the crystal drops look bright pink instead of red, but either way they are worth a try if you are a rocker girl (or want to unleash your inner rocker girl). Available on Charm and Chain ($156.75). Earrings also available in blue. Necklace versions available as well.

Bling on a Budget:

Ruby Chandelier Mizdragonfly EarringsHow cute are these?!?! Ruby Chandelier Earrings ($45.00) by Mizdragonfly. Available on the Mizdragonfly Etsy shop. Pendant version also available.

Elizabeth Cole Parrot earrings

Parrothead Niche: Elizabeth Cole Parrot Earrings

Elizabeth Cole Parrot earringsSay hello to the Elizabeth Cole Parrot earrings! I can think of two groups of people who may love these crystal parrots: 1) Parrotheads who need this to go with the coconut bra for the next Jimmy Buffet concert, and 2) bird lovers in general. I must disclose that I am in neither group, so I don’t get these earrings. They are large, very sparkly and great conversation starters, but where would you wear them? To the next friends of the zoo benefit? Oh well, somewhere out there… some lucky lady will spot these babies and think she hit the jackpot.

These won’t be flying home with me anytime soon: Available at Charm and Chain ($325). Swarovski crystals in 24k gold plating. 3.75 Inches Long.

Hautelook Soho Hearts Jewelry Sale

On Sale Hautelook: Soho Hearts Jewelry

Hautelook Soho Hearts Jewelry SaleI love private shopping sites like Hautelook for amazing deals. Only thing is you have to check them often because the sales only last a couple days. Here are a few items from the Soho Hearts sale today. The Sea Green Chain Ribbon Necklace ($40) reminds me of the crystal chain link necklaces by Vera Wang, but this necklace is a smaller, everyday size with a much smaller pricetag. I’m too chicken to work much neon into my wardrobe, but I would def wear these neon yellow Cool Square Button Earrings ($11). Last but not least, the Flower Stone Ring ($25) reminds me of Chanel… so naturally, I love it.

Nice Bling on a Budget options: All available on Hautelook for a limited time. Not a member? Get an invite.

Swarovski Sale Picks

Swarovski Sale: Blingazon Picks

Swarovski Sale Picks
Happens every time… why do I get so excited when Swarovski has a sale? Well, let us show you. Have trouble finding to-die-for clip earrings? Look no further. The Hot Black Diamond Clip Earrings ($85) are my favorites from the sale. And if you have big Texas hair like I do, these babies will definitely show up. The Sign Getaway Pouch ($75) is perfect for organizing all those tubes of lipgloss in your purse or can even be used as a wallet. Last but not least… I have been visiting the Opaline Navy Ring ($62.50) for months. At this sale price, it’s a steal of bling proportions.

Go to Swarovski to view all of the current sale items – 30-50% off right now.


Kenneth Jay Lane Peacock Earrings

Kenneth Jay Lane Peacock Earrings
Now this is how I would incorporate the feather trend into my wardrobe. I love the beautiful shades of blue/green Swarovski crystals against the gunmetal. PS – There is also a clear crystal version, but they are even more expensive. These pierced earrings come with a hefty price tag presumably due to the large size (1 1/4 in. wide x 3 3/4 in. long). I love them. Do you think they are worth the price?

Love them but will hope for a sale: Kenneth Jay Lane Peacock earrings are available in blue/green on gunmetal at Zappos ($329) or in clear on rhodium at ShopBop ($363).

Victoria Wieck Peacock Feather Earrings

Bling on a Budget:
Victoria Wieck Absolute Tanzanite-Color Peacock Feather Earrings available in silver or vermeil at HSN ($89.95).

Swarovski Bella Earrings

Swarovski Bella Clear Crystal Earrings

Swarovski Bella Earrings
When I want a classic look or just can’t decide which earrings to wear, I grab these Bella clear crystal pierced earrings by Swarovski ($65). New to bling? Start out with these sparklers. They are rhodium-plated (no tarnish) and each contains a large bezel-set clear Swarovski crystal. (Also available in Golden Shadow, Black Diamond, and Tanzanite Moonlight on Swarovski.) Bonus – They are lightweight and super comfy even if you are on the phone a lot.

This is the first blog for Blingazon! Instead of a diatribe on what we will be blogging about, we will just start blogging! Take a look. Let us know what you think. What bling do you want to hear about?