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Elizabeth Cole Parrot earrings

Parrothead Niche: Elizabeth Cole Parrot Earrings

Elizabeth Cole Parrot earringsSay hello to the Elizabeth Cole Parrot earrings! I can think of two groups of people who may love these crystal parrots: 1) Parrotheads who need this to go with the coconut bra for the next Jimmy Buffet concert, and 2) bird lovers in general. I must disclose that I am in neither group, so I don’t get these earrings. They are large, very sparkly and great conversation starters, but where would you wear them? To the next friends of the zoo benefit? Oh well, somewhere out there… some lucky lady will spot these babies and think she hit the jackpot.

These won’t be flying home with me anytime soon: Available at Charm and Chain ($325). Swarovski crystals in 24k gold plating. 3.75 Inches Long.