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Vintage Martini vintage pink dress with crystals

Vintage Bling Still Shines Bright

The kind gentlemen who own the Vintage Martini boutique in downtown Carrollton, TX allowed me to preview new inventory before it made its way to the store. Whether you are in search of clothes, jewelry, shoes, hats or handbags, they have wide array of amazing vintage items. Don’t worry… I only bought one necklace, so there’s plenty of goodies waiting on you.

Vintage Martini vintage pink dress with crystals

Vintage pink dress with crystals at Vintage Martini

Take a look at this insanely cool Chado Ralph Rucci jacket over a pink and orange beaded vintage gown. The jacket still has the original Neiman Marcus tag for $18K.

Chado Ralph Rucci jacket

Chado Ralph Rucci jacket originally sold for $18K

Luckily for my wallet, these Jimmy Choo crystal sandals were not my size. *sigh*

Jimmy Choo crystal sandals

Jimmy Choo crystal sandals

I wish my coffee table looked like this… covered in jewels from Kenneth Jay Lane, Givenchy, Stephen Dweck and more. Naturally, I spent most of my time around this table. I have been in search of a bold gold necklace and found a beautiful, hammered, 80s-inspired one. Love it!

Table of jewelry at Vintage Martini
My new gold necklace from Vintage Martini
Vintage Martini ring

I have a huge noggin’ and tons of hair, so I am rarely able to wear hats. That doesn’t stop me from looking and dreaming though. I have never seen so many stunning feathered and embellished hats in one place! I tried to convince Elissa from @DressCourage to buy a Christian Dior hat covered in fiery feathers of orange and red. (Still working on her)

Feathered and embellished hats at Vintage Martini

I can’t believe it’s taken so long for me to get into vintage shopping. I had so much fun! If you are in the Dallas area, take some time to see for yourself. Follow Vintage Martini on Twitter at @VintageMartini1.

Olivia Roat Hat

Gaga for Hats: Olivia Roat Millinery Couture

Olivia Roat HatLady Gaga is in Dallas this week, so I have Gaga on the brain. Just take a look at this couture hat from Olivia Roat. It looks like a mash of Lady Gaga’s Pokerface and Eh Eh Eh videos. I came across it days ago and can’t stop thinking about it. And this is just one of the many pieces on her site… I wonder what Olivia’s inspiration was. This is obvi not an everyday hat, and you’ll need some serious attitude to wear a hat like this. Where would you wear a piece of art like this?

We can dream of Gaga: Visit Olivia Roat online for more pictures and info. It’s couture, so no price is listed for this hat. Contact Olivia Roat Millinery in UK at 07881 954176 for order and pricing information.