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Virgins, Saints, & Angels Tribal Pendant Necklace Closeup

Stacking Necklaces with Virgins, Saints, & Angels

On a recent trip to the fab Swag jewelry store in NorthPark Center, we happened upon the heavenly Tribal Crystal Milagro Pendant ($295) & Tribal Bicone Necklace ($317) by Virgins, Saints, & Angels. These necklaces are amazing on their own, but they are a real show-stopper when stacked together.

Virgins, Saints, & Angels Tribal Pendant Necklace Closeup

The delicate strands of black diamond crystals on the Tribal Bicone Necklace provide a lovely backdrop for the large Tribal Crystal Milagro Pendant. Not only is the large scale of the black diamond crystal pendant impressive, but we were mesmerized by the unusual cushion cut of the center stone and the blessed Vatican coins that dangle from the bottom of the pendant. I am envisioning wearing these beautiful, hand-crafted pieces with–everything!

The beauty of these objets d’envy is they are special enough to accompany a cocktail dress, or you can wear them every day for a chic sense of spirituality. Purchase these two dazzlers as-is, or customize your own piece with choice of medallions, finish, crystal colors, and more. Contact owner Lisa Alfieri at the Dallas location of Swag 214-691-0123. Pieces are also available online at www.lovemyswag.com.

Virgins, Saints, & Angels Tribal Pendant Necklace at SWAG

BCBG Rhinestone Knot necklace

Bling Abounds at BCBG

BCBG Rhinestone Knot necklace

BCBG Rhinestone Knot necklace $168 (Sold out online, may still be available in stores)

My secret to stand-out style is statement jewelry pieces. I have two uniforms — a knit top and jeans or an LBD — and both rely on a few well-placed conversation-starter pieces. “Statement” pieces are nothing new of course, but I just can’t get enough of them.

When accessorizing with statement jewelry, I suggest choosing one focus for each jewelry zone.

  • Tiara Town (head and neck): If I wear a large necklace, then the earrings will be small and not matchy-matchy. If I wear large shoulder-duster earrings, then I forgo the necklace altogether. Note: If you actually wear a tiara in public (rare but I have), then you might as well wear the whole she-bang. Why not? :)
  • Jewelry Joints (fingers and wrist): If I wear large rings or multiple rings, I keep it simple on the wrist or forgo bracelets entirely. If I am stacking bracelets for an arm party, I will choose just one ring on that hand.

There are many statement jewelry options these days, and some of my favorites are at BCBG. With a gift certificate lingering in my wallet since Christmas, I recently took a trip to the BCBG store in NorthPark Center mall in Dallas, TX. I showed more restraint that I would have liked, but not as much as I should have… I came home with both the Rhinestone Knot necklace and the Fringe Collar necklace. Here are some of the blingy lovelies we visited at BCBG.

BCBG Fringe Collar necklace

BCBG Fringe Collar necklace $88 (Sold out online, may still be available in stores)

BCBG Three-Finger ring

BCBG Three-Finger ring (Sold out online, may still be available in stores)

BCBG crystal knuckle-ring clutch

BCBG crystal knuckle-ring clutch $118 (Sold out online, may still be available in stores)

BCBG insider notes: All jewelry sales are final. Good to remember before taking the plunge. Also, if you see a piece that is sold out online, check the site periodically or call the stores. It takes some time and research, but I have tracked down some sold out pieces by being persistent.

Adia Kibur Clear Transformers necklace

Transformers Necklace by Adia Kibur

Adia Kibur Clear Transformers necklace

After over a year of searching, I found this Transformers statement necklace by Adia Kibur from several seasons ago. It’s made of pieces of lucite connected with metal plates and screws covered in crystals. Last time I checked the site, the necklace was already sold out on RichxRuse, but you could contact them to see if they are going to get some more in. They are super helpful ladies!

It’s the perfect blend of geek and chic… I LOVE it! What do you think? Is it too big? too blingy? Is that even possible? :)

After I was unsuccessful finding this piece myself, I turned to Twitter for assistance, and the Twitterverse came to the rescue. Head over to My Brain on Shuffle for the story.

Stein-Mart Pendant Necklace

My Not-So-Secret Discount Jewelry Place

For trendy jewelry, I prefer not to spend a small fortune. We all know that Target has great, inexpensive jewelry lines, and here in Dallas, we also have Sam Moon for cheaper jewelry. But it’s good to have an out-of-the-way discount treasure trove that no one knows about. I’m about to share one … Once a month, I go to Lewisville to get my hair done (30 minute drive and totally worth it), and I always go to the Stein Mart on Main Street in Lewisville. For some reason, this particular location has 4 times as much jewelry as other locations, so I usually find a lil something for me or Shannon or one of the Glossy Posse girls.

This last trip, I found lots of pieces with a lady-like retro vibe which would be fun for the Mad Men trend this Fall. All of the pieces below are under $30 each. They are a lil too prim and proper for me, but maybe I should branch out? Which piece do you like?

Stein-Mart Pendant NecklaceStein-Mart NecklaceStein-Mart Ring

Stein-Mart Bracelet

Crystal Bow Necklaces

One Designer, Two Price-Points: Dana Lorenz Bow Crystal Necklaces

Crystal Bow NecklacesOne of these necklaces was worn by Michelle Obama on the cover of Elle magazine last year. Can you tell which one?

FLOTUS wore the one on the left! The necklace on the left is by Fallon ($682), and the one on the right is FENTON/FALLON™ for J.Crew ($295). These two lines are from the brilliant design-mind of Dana Lorenz. Both necklaces feature silk ribbons, glass and crystal beads, and multiple chains. From the descriptions, the only differences appear to be the type of metals used for the chains and the fact that the bows are removable on the more expensive item. While the $300 price-point isn’t cheap, it’s a fantastic option at over half the price of the original.

LEFT: The Fallon Khaki Crystal Bow Necklace is available on Charm and Chain ($682) and is also available in Multicolored Midnight. RIGHT: The FENTON/FALLON™ for J.Crew Carrington Crystal Bow Necklace is available on J.Crew ($295) and is also available in Dark Charcoal.

Swarovski Blue Hyacinth Pendant

Swarovski Autumn/Winter 2010-2011: Hyacinth Blue Pendant

Swarovski Blue Hyacinth PendantThe new Swarovski collection is amazing… and no, it’s not just because I am in love with all things Swarovski. Creative Director Nathalie Colin was “inspired by Nordic landscapes, icy horizons and frozen expanses” for the Autumn/Winter 2010-2011 collection. (See the collection overview.)

Doesn’t the Hyacinth Blue Pendant look like a sparkling block of ice sitting in a frozen lake? Yep, my brain really does think that way. The large Barock-cut Moonlight crystal is surrounded by a pave gradiation of crystals from black to blues to clear. The pave effect is achieved using a Swarovski-exclusive Pointiage® setting where crystals are set into epoxy resin by hand.

The Hyacinth Blue Pendant would be beautiful with a navy cocktail dress or even a more casual look like a charcoal button-down blouse and blue jeans. The pendant is available on Swarovski ($220.00). Also in the Hyacinth Blue collection: Necklace ($550), Pierced Earrings ($90), and Ring ($240).

KJL Cutting Edge Pendant Bling on a Budget:
When I review a pricey item, I try to provide a lower-priced item that is comparable in style — see the KJL Cutting Edge Pendant (picture to the right) by Kenneth Jay Lane. The Cutting Edge Pendant is available on QVC ($79.50). While this pendant doesn’t have the color gradiation of the Swarovski, the shape is very similar. Kenneth Jay Lane’s pieces are usually stunners and full of sparkle.

DANNIJO Winslet Necklace

DANNIJO Winslet Necklace

DANNIJO Winslet NecklaceI love DANNIJO jewelry. There, I’ve said it. I. Love. It. Take a look at the Winslet Necklace above for a peek at why DANNIJO describes their jewelry as “inspired by the sophistication of Audrey Hepburn and the sweetness of Marilyn Monroe.” The silver oxide metal is perfectly tarnished (on purpose of course) to keep the piece from looking too cutesy and to balance the insane amount of sparkle from the Swarovski crystals. At 20″ long and a 5″ fringed pendant, this necklace will cascade beautifully down the chest. It’s a definite power-statement find, so I would wear it over a solid color with small earrings to truly showcase this piece. The $500+ price may be hard to swing for many, but if you have the means, get this necklace now before it is sold out.

Yes! Get it while you can: The DANNIJO Winslet Necklace is available at Shopbop.com ($524). Only 1 left in stock at shopbop! [Try Net-a-Porter if shopbop sells out.]

Bling on a Budget:

White House Black Market Crystal Glam NecklaceWhile it’s not as long, the general shape and amount of sparkle of Crystal Glam Necklace is reminiscent of the Winslet. It’s available at White House | Black Market ($68).

Bonus: Right now, you can buy 1, get 1 piece of jewelry for 25% off at White House | Black Market.

Hautelook Soho Hearts Jewelry Sale

On Sale Hautelook: Soho Hearts Jewelry

Hautelook Soho Hearts Jewelry SaleI love private shopping sites like Hautelook for amazing deals. Only thing is you have to check them often because the sales only last a couple days. Here are a few items from the Soho Hearts sale today. The Sea Green Chain Ribbon Necklace ($40) reminds me of the crystal chain link necklaces by Vera Wang, but this necklace is a smaller, everyday size with a much smaller pricetag. I’m too chicken to work much neon into my wardrobe, but I would def wear these neon yellow Cool Square Button Earrings ($11). Last but not least, the Flower Stone Ring ($25) reminds me of Chanel… so naturally, I love it.

Nice Bling on a Budget options: All available on Hautelook for a limited time. Not a member? Get an invite.