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Virgins, Saints, & Angels Tribal Pendant Necklace Closeup

Stacking Necklaces with Virgins, Saints, & Angels

On a recent trip to the fab Swag jewelry store in NorthPark Center, we happened upon the heavenly Tribal Crystal Milagro Pendant ($295) & Tribal Bicone Necklace ($317) by Virgins, Saints, & Angels. These necklaces are amazing on their own, but they are a real show-stopper when stacked together.

Virgins, Saints, & Angels Tribal Pendant Necklace Closeup

The delicate strands of black diamond crystals on the Tribal Bicone Necklace provide a lovely backdrop for the large Tribal Crystal Milagro Pendant. Not only is the large scale of the black diamond crystal pendant impressive, but we were mesmerized by the unusual cushion cut of the center stone and the blessed Vatican coins that dangle from the bottom of the pendant. I am envisioning wearing these beautiful, hand-crafted pieces with–everything!

The beauty of these objets d’envy is they are special enough to accompany a cocktail dress, or you can wear them every day for a chic sense of spirituality. Purchase these two dazzlers as-is, or customize your own piece with choice of medallions, finish, crystal colors, and more. Contact owner Lisa Alfieri at the Dallas location of Swag 214-691-0123. Pieces are also available online at www.lovemyswag.com.

Virgins, Saints, & Angels Tribal Pendant Necklace at SWAG

Gianmarco Lorenzi Disco Ball shoes

Gianmarco Lorenzi: Disco Ball Pumps

Are you into bling like I am (and who isn’t, really?) and want to be about 6 inches taller (who wouldn’t like that, except maybe Serena Williams, who does wear glam high heels)… then take a look at this showstopper pump by Gianmarco Lorenzi. I first spotted this designer on a trip to Vegas this past spring and was delighted to add another blingy shoe designer to my growing list of favorites, including the ubiquitous Christian Louboutin, Massimo Dogana, and ZiGiny.

Gianmarco Lorenzi Disco Ball shoes

Gianmarco Lorenzi Disco Ball crystal-covered limited edition shoes

This pair – appropriately named “Disco Ball” – is a work of art and only 178 have been made. These shoes are completely covered in crystals, not rhinestones, from the toe to the bling-encrusted heel. In person, the crystals appear to be applied in an ombré effect with golden crystals beginning at the toe, mixing with clear crystals along the instep, and then blending into clear crystals at the heel. The other standout feature (do we need another one? Yes!) is the metallic gold trim around the entire bottom of the shoe, including the double platform which is also covered in small clear and golden crystals. No blingy detail was overlooked.

Khloe Kardashian Odom wore these shoes on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno back in May, and Mary J. Blige wore them to the 2011 Billboard awards. For $2795, you too can own a pair of these limited edition beauties to strut around in. Contact Gregory’s in NorthPark Center at 972-490-1285 to pick up pair 172 (out of 178 produced). They are also available online.

Did you know that Blingazon is now a guest blogger for Savvy Texas Magazine online? Twice a month, we post about amazing bling on The Buzz.

Tom Binns Slap Dask Swarovski necklace

Tom Binns Hand-Painted Neon-Yellow Swarovski Necklace

Tom Binns Slap Dash Swarovski crystal bib necklace

Tom Binns Slap Dash Swarovski crystal bib necklace available at Net-a-Porter ($1900)

Have you been searching for a different way to get into the neon trend? Well, I have. I love the idea of neon colors, but most neon accessories just do not work well with my wardrobe. Besides, after 16 years in corporate America, I can’t bring myself to buy a neon handbag or to flaunt glow-in-the-daytime nail polish.

I have followed Tom Binns for several years now, and I adore his crystal necklaces and earrings. The Slap Dash necklace is a fantastic example of his fun, irreverent, edgy take on the not-so-original crystal bib necklace. I think he’s done neon hand-painted necklaces before, but I really like this particular piece. Now if I had $2K to buy it.

I’m considering DIYing my own affordable version. What do you think?


Swarovski Moonshine Ring


Behold the Moonshine ring from Swarovski. After visiting this dreamy ring for over a year online, we stumbled upon it in person at the Las Vegas Swarovski boutique. They only had two in store — one that fit me and one that fit Shannon — so naturally, we both took the plunge on this massive bling ring. (Available online or in select Swarovski boutiques for $290)

Video: Swarovski 22 Ways To Say Black at Palazzo Pozzo di Borgo

Swarovski Elements commissioned 22 one-of-a-kind LBDs (little black dresses) adorned with Swarovski crystals for the initiative 22 Ways To Say Black. I’ve been reading about the 22 Ways To Say Black exhibit for a while now and was thrilled to find this video of the launch party held earlier this year at the Palazzo Pozzo di Borgo (Karl Lagerfeld’s former residence).

During New York Fashion Week (Sep. 7 – Sep. 20), you can view the dresses at the New York Meatpacking District outpost of Phillips de Pury & Company. On the evening of September 20, 2010, the LBDs will be auctioned off at Phillips de Pury & Company, and 100% of the proceeds will benefit the American Cancer Society and La ligue nationale contre le cancer in France.

Video cameos include Carine Roitfeld (Paris Vogue) and Margarita Missoni.

Can’t get to the exhibit? You can buy the 22 Ways To Say Black catalog by A. G. Swarovski on Amazon.com ($28.90). Proceeds of the catalog also go to charity. For more information on the initiative, see Swarovski 22 Ways to Say Black.

Elizabeth Cole Parrot earrings

Parrothead Niche: Elizabeth Cole Parrot Earrings

Elizabeth Cole Parrot earringsSay hello to the Elizabeth Cole Parrot earrings! I can think of two groups of people who may love these crystal parrots: 1) Parrotheads who need this to go with the coconut bra for the next Jimmy Buffet concert, and 2) bird lovers in general. I must disclose that I am in neither group, so I don’t get these earrings. They are large, very sparkly and great conversation starters, but where would you wear them? To the next friends of the zoo benefit? Oh well, somewhere out there… some lucky lady will spot these babies and think she hit the jackpot.

These won’t be flying home with me anytime soon: Available at Charm and Chain ($325). Swarovski crystals in 24k gold plating. 3.75 Inches Long.

Swarovski Blue Hyacinth Pendant

Swarovski Autumn/Winter 2010-2011: Hyacinth Blue Pendant

Swarovski Blue Hyacinth PendantThe new Swarovski collection is amazing… and no, it’s not just because I am in love with all things Swarovski. Creative Director Nathalie Colin was “inspired by Nordic landscapes, icy horizons and frozen expanses” for the Autumn/Winter 2010-2011 collection. (See the collection overview.)

Doesn’t the Hyacinth Blue Pendant look like a sparkling block of ice sitting in a frozen lake? Yep, my brain really does think that way. The large Barock-cut Moonlight crystal is surrounded by a pave gradiation of crystals from black to blues to clear. The pave effect is achieved using a Swarovski-exclusive Pointiage® setting where crystals are set into epoxy resin by hand.

The Hyacinth Blue Pendant would be beautiful with a navy cocktail dress or even a more casual look like a charcoal button-down blouse and blue jeans. The pendant is available on Swarovski ($220.00). Also in the Hyacinth Blue collection: Necklace ($550), Pierced Earrings ($90), and Ring ($240).

KJL Cutting Edge Pendant Bling on a Budget:
When I review a pricey item, I try to provide a lower-priced item that is comparable in style — see the KJL Cutting Edge Pendant (picture to the right) by Kenneth Jay Lane. The Cutting Edge Pendant is available on QVC ($79.50). While this pendant doesn’t have the color gradiation of the Swarovski, the shape is very similar. Kenneth Jay Lane’s pieces are usually stunners and full of sparkle.

DANNIJO Winslet Necklace

DANNIJO Winslet Necklace

DANNIJO Winslet NecklaceI love DANNIJO jewelry. There, I’ve said it. I. Love. It. Take a look at the Winslet Necklace above for a peek at why DANNIJO describes their jewelry as “inspired by the sophistication of Audrey Hepburn and the sweetness of Marilyn Monroe.” The silver oxide metal is perfectly tarnished (on purpose of course) to keep the piece from looking too cutesy and to balance the insane amount of sparkle from the Swarovski crystals. At 20″ long and a 5″ fringed pendant, this necklace will cascade beautifully down the chest. It’s a definite power-statement find, so I would wear it over a solid color with small earrings to truly showcase this piece. The $500+ price may be hard to swing for many, but if you have the means, get this necklace now before it is sold out.

Yes! Get it while you can: The DANNIJO Winslet Necklace is available at Shopbop.com ($524). Only 1 left in stock at shopbop! [Try Net-a-Porter if shopbop sells out.]

Bling on a Budget:

White House Black Market Crystal Glam NecklaceWhile it’s not as long, the general shape and amount of sparkle of Crystal Glam Necklace is reminiscent of the Winslet. It’s available at White House | Black Market ($68).

Bonus: Right now, you can buy 1, get 1 piece of jewelry for 25% off at White House | Black Market.

Anthropologie Captured Gems Bracelet

Anthropologie Captured Gems Bracelet

Anthropologie Captured Gems BraceletShannon and I love introducing people to the world of bling and hearing about sparkly finds from other bling-lovers. I’ve been bonding with my friend Kristin Crocker this week on bling, and she sent me a list of her faves from Anthropologie.com. I love that one of her faves is on my list too! We both have been admiring the Captured Gems Bracelet made of 2″ metal mesh covered with dangling clear, copper and black diamond colored Swarovski crystals. At 6.75″ long, it’s too small for my wrist, so I’ll just keep visiting it online. Besides, the $178 price-tag (presumably because it’s handmade) means this baby couldn’t be an impulse buy anyway.

Massive impact for dainty-sized wrists but costs a pretty penny: The Captured Gems Bracelet is available at Anthropologie ($178).

Bling on a Budget:

For the same concept but with pearls and crystals, see the J.Crew Luxe cocktail bracelet ($98).J.Crew Luxe Cocktail Bracelet

Prefer less sparkle? You may like the Chico’s Tilly bracelet ($38) made of chains with one row of crystals.Chicos Tilly Bracelet

UPDATE 7/31/2010: White House | Black Market just came out with a Crystal/Rhinestone Bracelet that very similar to the Anthropologie bracelet except the crystals are all clear. Available at White House | Black Market ($98).

Swarovski Sale Picks

Swarovski Sale: Blingazon Picks

Swarovski Sale Picks
Happens every time… why do I get so excited when Swarovski has a sale? Well, let us show you. Have trouble finding to-die-for clip earrings? Look no further. The Hot Black Diamond Clip Earrings ($85) are my favorites from the sale. And if you have big Texas hair like I do, these babies will definitely show up. The Sign Getaway Pouch ($75) is perfect for organizing all those tubes of lipgloss in your purse or can even be used as a wallet. Last but not least… I have been visiting the Opaline Navy Ring ($62.50) for months. At this sale price, it’s a steal of bling proportions.

Go to Swarovski to view all of the current sale items – 30-50% off right now.